What if I need to beat a price?
OK, we understand that sometimes you need to do a deal, call us and we will do our upmost to ensure we are pricing in the most competitive way.

Can I have a pre-production sample on my order?
Yes you can, we charge pre-production sample at the normal unit cost from the main order, the only extra cost is to send the sample out and if the order is changed once your client has seen the sample a charge may be incurred for screens etc. Also, please bear in mind that your lead time will be from approval of the pre production sample so allow more time.

What are express orders?
Generally an express order is on a lead time of 5 days or less but is our discretion whether an order will incur an express charge (when increased labour or production costs are increased to us) customers will be informed of the express charge before production commences.

What are the artwork requirements?
Artwork is required in vector format (EPS, PDF or CorelDraw files) for printing. High resolution jpegs are suitable for Dye Sublimation printing on inspection. Low resolution jpegs, bitmaps, pngs and all other files are usable for pre production proofs only and not for full production.

When will my order be delivered?
All orders are booked into our production schedule once entered onto system and will be delivered on the date shown on your order acknowledgment. Production lead time is generally around 2-3 weeks but please ask us on placement of order if you require your orders urgently.

What are the box sizes, weights and dimensions?
Box size is 40” x 9” x 6”, weight is 20k per box of 25 golf umbrellas or 50 telescopics.

What is the screen print area?
Golf – 9”, Telescopic – 5 / 6”, Import 8”, Made-Up 9”, Walking 7”, Parasol 12”.

Which umbrellas can we dye-Sublimate the panels?
We can print onto white panels only on the ready-made umbrellas. These are the umbrellas that have the colour options in the brochures. For all UK made umbrellas we can fully print all over the panels, again these start out as white panels and we dye sublimate the background colour to which other colour you want.

What is the difference between Logo and Total Sub?
Logo Sub – 4 colour process logo printing at standard screenprinting sizes (white panels only) Total Sub – Full canopy printing in 4 colour process.

Pricing Policy.
We reserve the right to change our price list at any time. We will honour a quote for 30 days from quotation. All prices exclude VAT.

What is the manufacturers tolerance?
Manufacturers tolerance of 5% (under’s and over’s amount) apply to all orders.